A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Space shooter is a simple spaceship shooter game with asteroids-style control. Pressing up accelerates your ship in the direction it is facing; pressing down accelerates your ship in the direction opposite the way it is facing. Left and right spin the ship, but do not alter your velocity. Spacebar shoots. The player and enemies wrap around the sides of the level.

Enemies appear from the sides in each level. When you destroy all enemies, you move to the next level. Depending on the difficulty selected, some enemies will drop powerups that give you better/faster weapons, more shields, or extra lives. You can collect powerups by colliding with them or by shooting them with the ship's main laser. (Missiles do not collect powerups.) Missiles can be destroyed with laser shots, but laser shots cannot be stopped.

Code for this game is available on GitHub:


Published Nov 22, 2014
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsArcade, Space

Install instructions

SpaceShooter is written in the LOVE 2D game engine based on the Lua language. To play on Windows or Mac, you can download an executable file for your platform. For Linux, you will need to get Love from your package manager or from love2d.org. Pass the ".love" game file as the argument to "love" to play the game.


SpaceShooter-v1.10-win32.zip 5 MB
SpaceShooter-v1.10-win64.zip 6 MB
SpaceShooter-v1.10-mac.zip 13 MB
SpaceShooter-v1.10-linux.zip 2 MB